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Other information

KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes Genomes)

PubMed Abstract of S. avermitilis

Nature Review Microbiology

The Streptomyces genome - be prepared! - by Prof. Sir David A. Hopwood

GNN (Genome News Network)

Cytochrome P450 family

List of cytochrome P450

Bacterial cytochrome P450 sequences

DSMZ information of S. avermitilis

Proteome Analysis@EBI of S. avermitilis

Peptidase of S. avermitilis @Sanger

IslandPath Analysis by the Brinkman Laboratory and Academic Computing Service at Simon Fraser University.

Restriction & modification in S. avermitilis at NEB REBASE Genome

tm RNA at Indiana Univ.

CAZy - Carbohydrate-Active enZYmes

DOLOP A Database of Bacterial Lipoproteins.

Converted SBML files of S. avermitilis.

Get seq. from genome.

mafft 7.182 - multiple alignment (FFT)

clustalW 2.1 - multiple alignment

clustal omega 1.2.1 - multiple alignment MPI

HmmerPfam v.3 search | PKS/NRPS domain finder | Bacterial Terpene Synthase finder

wwwblast - BLAST search

psiblast - PSI-BLAST

rpsblast - RSP-BLAST

delta blast - delta-BLAST

sequence converter

primer3 - primer design

Secreted proteins predicted

Signal peptides prediction V4

Annotation interface

WISE2 interface

Calc. oligo Tm | check PCR primers

Calc. protein MW

Calc. codon usage

Single digest - restriction digestion

ResView - simulation of restriction digest (genome)