Last updated : 25th Jul. 2020
Streptomyces avermitilis Genome
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Streptomyces avermitilis is an industrial microorganism produced anthelmintic macrolide Avermectins.

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General features of the genome

Linear Chromosome ver.110222
Length9,025,608 bp
G+C content70.72 GC mol%
Protein-coding gene7,582
Average CDS size1,027 bp
rRNA gene (16S-23S-5S)6
tRNA gene68 (43 species)
tmRNA gene1
scRNA gene1
Sigma factor60 (47 ECF subfamily) tree

Linear Plasmid SAP1 ver.090102
Length94,287 bp
G+C content69.25 GC mol%
Protein-coding gene101
Average CDS size898 bp
rRNA gene (16S-23S-5S)0
tRNA gene0
tmRNA gene0
Sigma factor1

Linear Plasmid SAP2 ver.0817
Length250,435 bp
G+C content67.51 GC mol%
Protein-coding gene255
Average CDS size764 bp
rRNA gene (16S-23S-5S)0
tRNA gene0
tmRNA gene0
Sigma factor3

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